Monday, July 14, 2014

HILD out in the UK on Thursday 24th July

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From Blackfriars/Little, Brown — 24th June

Hild will be out in the UK on Thursday July 24. The first UK notices are beginning to appear. I'm particularly proud of two. One from Alex Woolf at University of St Andrews, and smart, smart author of many fabulous papers and books on Early Medieval Britain. The other from Max Adams, author of King in the North (which I really wish had been available five years ago; it would have saved me so much work!).
  • "It is the best fictional attempt to recreate Dark Age Britain that I have ever read. Alex Woolf
  • "I was impressed—as a fellow-writer and a Northumbrian archaeologist. It's a great piece of work."  Max Adams
You can buy it in hardback or ebook in the UK (see links above), and paperback or ebook in the rest of the English-speaking Commonwealth (see links below).

This blog has moved. My blog now lives here:

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  1. Wow great feedback from Alex Woolf! I'm researching for a book I'm writing set in the 9th Century and I was pointed your way, certainly looking forward to reading Hild now!


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